Administrator Tools Overview

The Administrator Tools section consists of multiple different admin areas depending on the system setup and the tools required. To access the various tools:

1. Click on the Admin Tools button on the top right hand corner of the Dashboard

A new Admintools window will open. The list of Admintools can be maximised or minimised using the button above the list:

2. Click on the relevant area

  1. Application Manager - Manage Site Applications and Access.
  2. Attribute Management - The Attribute Manager is a centralized source to manage meta attributes to be used and displayed throughout the system.
  3. Dashboard Manager - The Dashboard Manager allows the creation of a number of different dashboards
  4. Digest Manager - The Digest Manager allows reports to be sent on a daily/weekly basis.
  5. Email Log Manager - Verify emails sent from the system
  6. Email Manager - Manage system email content
  7. Form Builder - The Form Builder provides the tools to add and remove fields, edit forms, configure dependencies and more.
  8. Form List Manager - Manage the column structure used in your form lists.
  9. Form View Config - Manage the form view configs i.e. the ‘layouts’ that appear in the dropdown on a form list
  10. Holiday Manager - An area to maintain public holidays
  11. Integration Manager - Configure integrations with 3rd party applications
  12. Metrics - View metric reports on various statistical elements of the system.
  13. Notification Centre - Manage the system notification for Task and Approval reminders.
  14. Project List Manager - Manage the Project Portfolio data views.
  15. Project Permissions Manager - Manage what users can create projects and also default access to projects
  16. Rate Card Manager - Manage the client rate cards
  17. Resource Manager - Manage Roles, Event types and working week details for the resource manager.
  18. Template Builder - Here you can manage project template layouts as well as accessing advanced configuration settings.
  19. Timesheet Manager - Manage the timesheets
  20. User Management - An area to add and remove users, create groups and manage user permissions.
  21. User Log Manager - List of actions taken on user
  22. Workflow Builder - A graphical Workflow Builder used to visually and interactively customize project workflow processes to your exact needs.