Administrator Tools Overview

The Administrator Tools section consists of multiple different admin areas depending on the system setup and the tools required. Access to Administrator Tools is granted in the User Manager (see Admin Access section here for more info).

To access the various tools:

1. Click on the Admin Tools button - the cog icon - on the top right hand corner of the Dashboard

A new Admintools window will open. The list of Admintools can be maximised or minimised using the 'X' button above the list:


2. Click on the relevant area

  1. Alert Manager - Configure alerts to be displayed to targeted user groups when they login.
  2. Application Manager - Manage Site Applications and Access.
  3. Archive Manager - The Archive Manager allows system administrators to set archive and purge rules against all content types.
  4. Attribute Management - The Attribute Manager is a centralized source to manage meta attributes to be used and displayed throughout the system.
  5. Connection Manager - The Connection Manager allows the system administrator to build and configure connectors to supported applications.
  6. Content Templates - Admintool for creating article templates
  7. Currency Manager - Assign a symbol to a particular currency
  8. Dashboard Manager - Create a number of different dashboards for the site and control access to each dashboard.
  9. Digest Manager - The Digest Manager allows reports to be sent on a daily/weekly basis.
  10. Email Log Manager - Verify emails sent from the system
  11. Email Manager - Manage system email content
  12. Export Permission Manager - Create site-wide export permissions to be applied when generating Export, Resource or Timesheet reports.
  13. Form Builder - The Form Builder provides the tools to add and remove fields, edit forms, configure dependencies and more.
  14. Form View Config - Manage the form view configs i.e. the ‘layouts’ that appear in the dropdown on a form list
  15. Holiday Manager - The Holiday Manager gives the system administrator the ability to block out holiday/company days from the resource planner and tasks.
  16. Integration Management - The Integration Manager allows the configuration of webhooks that can be used for certain system events (e.g. new task/project etc.) and also as workflow triggers.
  17. List Manager - Manage the column structure used in your form lists.
  18. Metrics - View metric reports on various statistical elements of the system.
  19. Notification Centre - Manage the system notification for Task and Approval reminders.
  20. Previewer Manager - Create "Previewer Views" to turn on and off features of the Previewer and update the label of the annotation status.
  21. Project Permissions Manager - Manage what users can create projects and also default access to projects
  22. Resource Manager - Manage Roles, Event types and working week details for the resource manager.
  23. Template Builder - Here you can manage project template layouts as well as accessing advanced configuration settings.
  24. Timesheet Manager - Manage the timesheets
  25. User Log Manager - The User Log Manager allows the system administrator to track a user’s account history.
  26. User Management - An area to add and remove users, create groups and manage user permissions.
  27. Workflow Builder - A graphical Workflow Builder used to visually and interactively customize project workflow processes to your exact needs.