Archive Manager

The Archive Manager allows system admins to configure site wide Archive and Purge rules across all content types. This includes:

  • Workflows
  • Form Files
  • Forms
  • Projects
  • Files / Folders
  • Users
  • Groups


Definition of Archive vs Purge:

  • Archive: Once a piece of content reaches its Archive parameter it should be soft deleted from system. Still held in Screendragon up to an agreed period.
  • Purge: Once a piece of content reaches its Purge parameter it should be hard deleted from Screendragon.




  1.  Choose action to take - Archive or Purge
  2. Specify the number of days after which the action is taken
  3. Specify whether the action date is based on the date created or the date last modified
  4. State when the rule should start
  5. Choose whether to apply the rule retroactively
  6. Select the content to be archived/purged
  7. Select which (if any) users should be notified