Attribute List

Adding attributes

A system administrator can add attribute types in two structures - an attribute list or an attribute matrix.

Attribute List

    1. To add an attribute list, go to the 'Attribute List' tab and click on 'Create New'

2. In the Basic tab, give the attribute list a name:

3. In the Permissions tab, set permissions for the list (this is optional):

4. Click 'Save' to complete.

The newly created attribute list will now appear in your list.


Actions available are:

  1. Add Attribute List - create an attribute tree
  2. Edit Attribute List - see below
  3. Move to Archive list - this moves the attribute list to the Inactive Attribute List tab

Adding an attribute value to a list:

You can add an attribute value to an attribute list either by clicking on the name of the attribute list or by clicking the action 'Edit Attribute List' in the dropdown list.

  1. Complete the Attribute Value
  2. Complete the Attribute Label (This is optional. The attribute label is displayed in the option menu when creating an element. The value is displayed when an element is in use.)
  3. Click 'Add New' to add the meta attribute.

A Search box allows users to filter the attribute list - this will work across Value and Label fields.

An Import/Export option allows a user to quick pull or update an attribute list.

The 'Include Disabled Attributes' allows you to show/hide the disabled attributes.

Editing an attribute value in a list:

1.Select the ‘Attribute type name title’ from the list
2.Click on the ‘Edit Attribute’ icon
3.Select the text fields to edit
4.Select the ‘Save Attribute’ icon to complete

An attribute can be disabled here to be no longer selected within the system - they cannot be deleted as this would affect existing elements.

Disabled attributes remain populated in EDIT mode of a project to avoid blank areas in the display.


Importing/Exporting attribute values:

There is also an option to import or export attributes:


You can either choose 'Export - All' to export the existing attributes to an excel spreadsheet to be updated, 'Export - Empty' to download an empty excel to be populated and 'Import' to import an Excel spreadsheet populated with attributes to the attribute list. Help notes are included in the Excel spreadsheets to advise how to populate the list,

An attribute list can be selected as a type of element in the Form Builder

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