Attribute Types

Add an attribute type

This is a grouping for attributes. A system administrator can add attribute types in two structures - an attribute list or an attribute matrix.

Select ‘Create New’
1. Complete ‘List/MatrixName’

2. Select the Structure - Attribute List/Tree OR Attribute Matrix

3. If you have selected Attribute Matrix, enter the Matrix Type and click on the 'Tags' tab to add matrix tags

4. Click on the 'Permissions' tab to assign permissions

5. Click 'Save' to complete

Attribute Matrix

The Attribute Matrix allows System Admins to manage attribute trees in a more efficient manner. Dependencies can be configured for Attribute Matrix inputs at all levels.

Matrix Inputs: It works like the attributes tree in that you can define what values will display based on a previous selection

Matrix Outputs: Used when you want to define a value i.e. Stock, Color Processes & Bleeds

Import Sheet: Manage your attributes via excel and simply upload

Attribute Matrix (Admin):

Attribute Matrix (Front End):

Edit an attribute type

1. Select ‘Edit Attribute Type’ icon
2. Change the ‘Attribute type name’
3. Click 'Save' to complete