Rate Cards

Roles are managed in a master Role list via the Resource Manager. Rates are not attached to roles in the master role list - they are managed here in the Rate Card List tab of the Attribute Manager.

A rate card is a collection of roles with rates attached to each role in the rate card

  • One rate card can be associated with a project
  • All role/rate details in a project will come from the associated rate card
  • If a user’s default role has not been added to the rate card in use on a project their hours will appear with a zero rate.

Adding a rate card:

To add a rate card, click on the 'Create New' button:


The Rate Card matrix can either be populated manually or by importing a rate sheet.

A fall back rate for ANY role ensures that a user on a project can never have a $0 rate as the system will always fall back to this rate. Use case: Where there is single blended rate for all users regardless of role/variant i.e. a project rate card.

A fall back rate for PARENT role is used if a user has a variant role set in their profile and that variant role is not included in the rate card being used on a project, now the rate associated with the parent role (i.e. the non-variant) will be used.