Dashboard Manager

The Dashboard Manager allows the system administrator to create a number of different dashboards for the site and control access to each dashboard. 

System administrators can create multiple landing pages and determine which users see which landing pages (First permission control level)

Landing pages are made up of multiple 'Widgets'

Widgets are all permission controlled i.e. the administrator can decide which users with access to the landing page can see the specific widget (Second permission control level)

The content that appears in any widget will continue to be permission controlled (Third permission control level)

The order of the widgets as well as their actual size I.e. percentage width can be set by administrators. Based on the widgets a user is allowed to see, the system will dynamically re-order the landing page to create the optimal view for the user

  1. Title of the dashboard
  2. Default – is this the default page loaded on login
  3. Created By – user who created the dashboard
  4. Created On – date of creation
  5. Actions – edit the dashboard
  6. Create New button – create a new dashboard

When the administrator edits a dashboard they will see:


  1. Dashboard name
  2. Description of the dashboard
  3. Default – tick if this is to be the default dashboard
  4. Location of the dashboard - it will be either on the homepage or within a project
  5. List of all existing widgets
  6. Drag and drop for reordering widgets
  7. Permissions tab – click here to set View permissions for the page
  8. Background colour of the widget
  9. Size – card width of the widget
  10. Widget type – Assets/Carousel/Link/WYSIWYG
  11. Edit the widget
  12. Delete the widget
  13. Add Widget button
  14. Dashboard Options dropdown menu – Save dashboard or Delete dashboard


Widget Basics

Every widget regardless of type has a standard set of options/settings which are mandatory on widget creation:

    • Title which shows in builder and also on top of widget on the front end
    • Type – drop down list of different widget types that can be selected (cannot be changed once set)
    • Permission tab to control which users see the widget
    • Size selector (Percentage based with 4 options, 100, 50, 33, 25)

Types of Widget:

The following types of widget are currently available to be added to a dashboard:

Alerts Centre, Assets, Assigned Tasks, Carousel, Clock, Exports, Forms, Link, My Exports, My Reports, My Tasks, Resource, Reports, WYSIWYG