Digest Manager

The Digest Manager gives you the ability to automate the delivery of crucial business information to your teams. A daily or weekly email which contains, for example;

  • Projects created that week
  • My Project Tasks
  • All Approvals Due


The digest content is configured using the existing report builder. Once designed, the format is verified by Screendragon for compatibility. The filters and groupings of the report define the digest email content.

Create a New Digest:

1. Click on the 'Create New' button to create a new email digest


2. Complete the info in the 'Details' tab such as Title and Description, the days and time you want the digest sent out, and whether or not to add the brand logo in the email.

Use the 'Add New Module' button to add in the reports required in the digest.

3. Complete the 'Email text' tab with the Subject and Body details you want sent


4. Fill in details of the recipients the digest will be sent to:


Note: The Digest Email contents are restricted to only allow 15 report rows per digest report to ensure size compatibility.