Export Permission Manager

The Export Permission Manager works in tandem with the Export Reports functionality. This tool is only available to superadmins and Export Permission managers. It allows these users to configure what data a user can report against when running an export or system resource/timesheet report:

- Which user profile field should be checked for the user running the export. i.e. company code
- Which Project field to compare against [to filter projects in the export]
- Which Resource profile field to compare against [to filter users in the export]
- Which Project Template Tag to compare against [to filter project types in the export]

This results in the user running the export only seeing results for Project or Resources where there is a data match.

Note: Within the export builder, these filters will need to be visible to a Super Admin so that they can override the system rules. These will not be visible to other users.

Clicking on the Export Permissions Manager button opens a list of the permissions already configured. Each existing permission can be edited or deleted.

To create a new permission, click on the 'Create New' button:

Complete the fields as follows:

  • Title
  • Description
  • User Profile Field: Field from user's profile meta form to match against content meta form field. The value in the user's profile field must match the content items selected form fields value
  • Content Profile Field: Dropdown menu of user profile form fields - this is the resource profile meta form field to match against users profile form field.
  • Content Project Field: project meta form field to match against users profile form field.
  • Template Filter: whether to match template tags against the users profile field selected.

When running an export, a check is performed to ensure the users profile field value matches the values in the content items Project Form Field and Resource Form Fields selected.