Dependencies can be assigned to display or hide specific elements or tabs based on the end user inputs of another element.

To create an element with dependencies:

Click on the 'Dependency Settings' tab:

1. Click on the 'Add Dependency' button.

2. Fill in the following details:

  • Value - The value the dependency is based upon.
  • Dependent Element – What tab/element is dependent on these settings
  • Control – Show / Hide the dependent element based on the input value
    • Set Tag Value allows an admin user to apply a tag to a field using dependencies (e.g. If you pick region X, I will add the tag 'regionapprovergroupX' to that group field which will pull in the correct group. )
  • Mandatory - Make Mandatory/Make Optional - configure a field to be either mandatory or optional based on a previous field selection
  • Set Control Value – If the input value is used, the value that will be displayed in this element

Note: A wild card * can also be used as a control value - if neither button is pressed the field is hidden.

3. Click 'New Control' to add multiple dependencies to the same value.

4. Click on the 'Delete' button (trash can icon) to remove a dependency.

5. Click on the 'Duplicate Dependency' button to clone a dependency to make setting up a list of controls more efficient

6. Click 'Save' to complete.