Form List Manager


The Form List Manager and Form View Config work hand in hand together. The Form List Manager allows you to create the actual column structure that are used in the form lists. Data fields from multiple forms can be pulled into a single form list.

1. Create a new form list view
2. List of views configured
3. Edit an existing view
4. Delete a view

To create a new form list data view:

1. Click on 'Create New' to create a new form list data view
2. Enter a View Name
3. Select the section from the dropdown list
4. Select a Display Mode - either List, Calendar or Thumbnail
5. Select from the 'Form Types' dropdown - this simply filters the list of meta fields in the ‘Add Column’ dropdown.
6. Add fields to be displayed. New fields have been added to the list of standard workflow fields you can pull into form lists
7. To control which columns total on the form list and which numbers appear with commas you can set a ‘type’ for each column- Number will result in a total and commas appearing
8. Select whether the fields should be Clickable, Mobile Enabled and/or Fixed. More than one field can be clickable and more than three fields can be fixed.
9. Click 'Save' to save the new view

Note: A new type option in the Form List Manager is 'Thumbnail View'. This will allow you to set the column as 'Thumbnail' so that you can see the forms main file within the forms list.

Small thumb


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