Form View Config

Left Panel Option

The Left panel is configurable in Form View Config.

This allows for the file upload marked as "Main Form File" (in the Form Builder) to display on the left of a form in view mode.

To populate a left panel image beside your form in view mode, you will need to update the Form View Config and the Form Builder.

Form Builder: On the relevant form, a file element is needed, with the "Main Form File" checkbox selected. This is what is used as the left hand image.

Form View Config:

  • Select the relevant config and then select a view and then click on the ‘View Options’ tab
  • In the Form View Settings, set the Show Left Panel switch to ON. This will provide you with left panel config options.

By default, if you have enabled a main form file element in your form, once this has been uploaded it will automatically be applied to the left of              your form in view mode.

  • New config options – Left Panel Buttons - also allow you to add and configure four standard form interaction elements. Edit, Clone and Workflow
  • Using the Label field you an name your interaction tools, Type allows you select which tool and Style can be used by design to apply a specific class to your configured buttons.

Note: If you select workflow, you can then select what workflow this should be used to action on.

Background Image Configuration

Background image configuration is also available in the Form View Config.

Steps to configure a background image are as follows:

  • Navigate to the Form View Config.
  • Select a config
  • Select a view and then go to the ‘View Options’ tab
  • In the Form View Settings, set the Show Background Panel switch to ON. This will now show the background config tools.
  • Click the Add Background Setting button
  • You will be presented with 3 options,
  1. Under Form field you will be provided a dropdown under which you can select a form element to tie your background images to. Select a form element that will have multiple values.
  2. Within the Value field, add in a value found in the above form element. Spelling and case specific.
  3. Click on ‘Browse File’ to upload an image to be displayed when this value is selected.
  • Navigate to the form in the system and in view mode you will see your configured image on the right hand side of your form.