Holiday Manager


The Holiday Manager gives the system administrator the ability to block out holiday/company days from the resource planner and tasks.

Holiday calendars can be built in the Holiday Manager - they consist of a title field and a date field. A Holiday Day is treated in the same way weekends are currently treated

All calendars available are listed, with the options to Edit, Duplicate, Delete or Archive:

  • Edit Calendar (change the Title (or Date if at Date level))
  • Duplicate Calendar (duplicate the calendar)
  • Delete Calendar (remove the Calendar)
  • Archive Archive (no longer take this Calendar into account; this only looks forward, not backwards)

Click on ‘Edit Calendar’ to edit an existing calendar or ‘Create New’ to create a new calendar:



Click on 'Add Holiday' to create a new holiday in the calendar:


Enter details of the new holiday:


Click on the 'People' tab to assign users at calendar level only. This allows you to pick a group to assign to this Calendar. Groups can be assigned to multiple calendars