The Metrics module provides key usage data.

To access the Metrics module:

  1. Click on the Admintools button.
  2. Select Metrics.

A metrics overview is displayed which shows the following data:

  1. Total Logins
  2. Total Unique Users
  3. Documents Viewed
  4. Items Downloaded
  5. Number of Searches
  6. Logons by week
  7. File Activity for Past Week

You can also choose to run one of the following metric reports by selecting from the dropdown menu:

  1. Most Active Users
  2. Most Viewed Content
  3. Top Search Terms

1. 'Most Active Users' returns a list of the most active users for a specified timeframe, including details of logons, views and details.

Click on any user name to see full details of that user's usage history:

2. Most Viewed Content

The 'Most Viewed Content' report returns a list of the most viewed files on the system by name, number of views and number of downloads.

3. Top Search Terms

The 'Top Search Terms' report returns a list of the terms most searched for in a specified period along with the number of times they were entered.