Notification Centre

The Notification Centre allows the system administrator to manage the system notification for Task and Approval reminders. This can also be used for Tasks and Workflows if date dependent.

To access the Notification Centre, click on the Notification Centre button on the Admintools homepage.

1. To edit a Notification, either click on it in the list or click the 'Edit' icon

2. To delete a Notification, click on the 'Delete' icon.

3. To add a Notification, click on the 'Create New' button.

Notification Details


1. Complete the 'Notification Name'

2. Complete the 'Notification Subject'

3. Complete the 'Notification Message'

4. Select the 'Notification Type' - this can be either (i)Task, (ii)Workflow or (iii)Both

5. Enter the 'Notification Frequency'

6. Select the 'Occurrence' - either Before or After

7. Select the 'Field' - either the Start Date or the End Date

8. Click the 'Add Rule' button to add another rule - you can add as many as necessary

9. Click 'Save' to save the new notification

Note: A user will only receive notifications if it has been selected in their User Profile that they wish to receive notifications.


The following notification will email users the day before a task is due to start: