Power BI Integration Set-Up

Steps to set up the Screendragon and Power BI integration

1. Log into Screendragon and navigate to Admin Tools.
2. Open the Connection Manager and select ‘Create New’.
3. Choose ‘Power BI’ as your Connection Type.
4. Enter a Title & Description so the connector can be referenced later.
5. Please follow the instructions the instructions here to generate the tokens and key required to complete the configuration. You may need to contact your admin to complete this task. We recommend the ‘Service Principal’ authentication method.
6. Click Save.

7. Within the Admin Tools navigate to the Application Manager Admin Module.
8. Select "Add New" -> "Add Application" and choose "Power BI Embed" as your Application Type.
9. Enter a Title, Label Name & Description so the connector can be referenced later.

10. Under the Power BI Setting choose the Power BI Connector previously created.


11. Click Save New.
12. Close the Admin Tools, navigate back to the main site and refresh. Your Power BI Embed Application is now available.
13. [Screenshot of Emded in place on site]