Create a new Portfolio

Create a new portfolio

1. Select 'Project List Manager' from the Administrator Tools menu
2. Click the 'Create New' button

3. Complete the 'View Name'

4. Complete the Section details

5. Select the 'Default Visual Layout' from the drop-down list (i.e. Basic/status/phase/3month/6month/12month)

6. Select the 'Project Type' from the drop-down list of projects - this defines what project(s) the view can be used in.

7. Select the 'Default Status'

8. 'Default View' checkbox - if this is checked, this will be the default view for the project

9. Bulk Edit - this allows the user to to bulk edit project forms from Project List View

10. Only available as sub project view checkbox - if checked, this will only be available for selection as a portfolio view in a Sub Project module in the Project template builder. This view will not be available for selection in a top level Project section accessed by the main nav bar.

11. Select columns to be displayed from the 'Add Column' drop-down list and click the 'Add' button

12. The column label can be updated

13. The column width can be defined - percentages are available for selection in increments of 5%

14. If the 'Clickable' box is ticked, the column can be clicked on in the portfolio view.

15. 'Freeze Column' allows the user to 'freeze' the first column for use of horizontal scrolling

16. If the 'Editable' box is ticked, the column will be editable.

The boxes can be dragged and dropped to change the order of the columns.

Note: Task/Workflow columns can now be added to the project list view but are not inline editable.

Click on the Permissions tab

17. Click on a user or group from the list.
18. Click on the arrows to either give the user(s) permissions or remove their permissions
19. Click 'Save' to save the new portfolio.

Views will utilize horizontal scrolling when total column exceeds a certain screen width