Add/Edit Roles

This section allows the administrator to define the roles within the company and to assign users to these roles.

To add a role:

    1. Go to the Add/Edit Roles tab and select 'Create New'

2. Complete the Role Name

3. If there are more than one variants of the same role, click on 'Add Variant'

4. Click 'Save'

Note: Variants are used when multiple rates are needed for a single role. For example, designers working on a project may work in different locations where one location charges a higher rate.

Alternatively, there could be different grades of the same role, i.e. Intern, Junior, Senior

To edit a role:


1. Click on 'Edit Role' in the Action menu

2. Edit the Role Name

3. Click on 'Add Variant' to add a new variant

4. Use the action buttons to edit/disable/activate a variant

5. Click 'Save' to save any changes

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