Event Editor

The Event Editor is used to create/edit event types for the Resource Planner. Click on the 'Event Editor' tab to create or edit events.

To create a new Event Type:


1. Go to the Event Editor tab and select 'Create New'

2. Enter the Event Type Name

3. Select the color - the event will be shown in this color on the Resource Planner

4. Workflow - check this to allow the event to be sent on a workflow

5. Event ingest -A csv file is ingested with the following details:
User ID
Start Date
End Date
Num of hours/days
Event Type (maybe pre-determined if only one)

The csv is cumulative so will delete and re-ingest all of this event type on ingest.

4. Click 'Save'

To edit an Event Type:


1. Click on the 'Edit Event Type' icon

2. Update the Event Type Name and/or Color

3. Select 'Workflow' and 'Event Ingest' as appropriate (see above)

4. Click 'Save'

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