Skin Builder


The Skin Builder gives the system administrator the ability to add, edit, delete and preview skins. It also allows a skin to be selected as the default skin.

All skins are listed in the Skin Builder admin tool and actions available for each skin are Edit, Clone, Set (or Unset) as Default Skin and Delete.


Click on 'Create New' to create a new skin.

Complete the following details for each skin:

  • Skin Name
  • Description
  • Site Name
  • Logo Placement: This is either Full Width, Inline, Centered or Indented
  • Primary Brand Logo: Upload a logo of your choice]
  • Choose colors for the following: Primary Brand Color, Secondary Brand Color, Button/Link Color, Heading Color and Subheading Color

The Preview window shows how the colors and logos will be displayed.

For example, in the preview below, you can see how each of the colors chosen (red, blue, yellow, green and black) will be used in the site and how the logo is centered at the top of the screen.