Configure display for Create/Edit project forms – allows the user to configure what elements are seen or hidden during and after project creation. The following toggles are used to show/hide information during project creation and whilst editing projects:

Show Start Date – Toggle to show or hide start date of the project

Show End Date – Toggle to show or hide end date of the project

Show Extra Date 1 – Toggle to show or hide extra date 1

Show Extra Date 2 – Toggle to show or hide extra date 2

Show Project Number – Toggle to show or hide the project number of the project

Display Workflow Dates – Toggle to show or hide dates belonging to workflows

Allow template selection – Toggle to show or hide templates

Mandatory template selection - Toggle to set template selection as mandatory

Show Jira integration - Set to on when adding JIRA as a module

Set End Date to Template Duration - Configuration that allows task timelines to be offset from project start date

Display Team – Toggle to show or hide the team selection

Display status – Toggle to show or hide project status collection

Show Email Notification – Toggle to show or hide email notification

Send Email by Default - Automatically sets the 'Notify Users' function to ON in Create and/or Edit mode

Auto Email Notification - Toggle to automatically send an email upon project creation/edit

Require Comment on Save – Toggle to require a user comment when a project is edited

Allow Save Without Validation - Enables user to save while bypassing mandatory fields

Show Billable Switch - billable option allows you to set whether a project is billable or not

Billable By Default - projects can be set to be billable by default

Show Rate Card Dropdown - separate rate cards can be applied to a project for different accounts

Show Description Field - Description field can be configured to show/hide on Project request form - General Tab

Display Stage Gate dates – Set whether or not the stage gate due dates are shown

Enforce Holidays/Weekends – Holidays and weekends are included with date calculations

Mandatory Project Description - Sets the description field as mandatory

Show Project Number – Set whether or not project numbers are displayed in the project information module

Show Project Inode in Title - Displays project inode

Display Milestones - Configuration to display or hide the project stage gates

Allow Project Copy – Enable or disable the ability to copy the project. This allows the requester to copy the meta data from another request form of the same project workflow type.

Allow Project Clone – In the 'edit project' dialog box, there is an ‘Save as a new project' option that allows the project admin to clone an entire project including request form meta data, any tasks that were created, folders, project team, permissions. This toggle either enables or disables this functionality.

Hide Submit Button - Show or Hide the 'Submit' button

Allow Submit as Pipeline - Show the 'Submit as Pipeline Project' on the front end. This also needs to be set in the Application Manager

Convert to Live - When this is switched on, the 'Convert to Live' button is visible on the front end

Creator permission level – set the default permission level for the creator of the project to have after submission: View, Edit or Admin

Set start date label – Set what is displayed for the start date

Set end date label – Set what is displayed for the end date

Set Name Label - Provides user with the ability to re-label the project "name" label

Set Description Label - Provides user with the ability to re-label the project "description" label

Set Project Form Label - Provides user with the ability to re-label the project "form" label

Auto-email Update Notification - When toggled to ON, an email is automatically sent out to the project team on project creation.

Project name prefix field and project name suffix field- these options allow you to input a form GUID or value and asks if it should be prefix/suffix.

Project rename label - set a term to use instead of 'Project' which appears when adding the name of the project e.g. Tactic Name. If populated, this value will be used; if not, it will use the default “Project”

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