Create a new template


1. Select ‘New Layout’
2. Complete the ‘Template Name’ and ‘Template Description’
3. Complete information for ‘Modules’, ‘Phases’ and ‘Meta’. Click on 'Show Advanced' button to show the following three tabs: Configuration, Status, Compression.
4. Click 'Save & Publish' to allow the template to be used when creating projects. Clicking 'Save Draft' allows the template to be edited again in the future but is yet to be made available to the end user during project creation.

Click on the links below for full information on:

Template List

Once created, the template appears on the template list:



Edit a template

To edit a template select the template name from the list and make any relevant changes.

The list can be filtered using the text box.

Once a template is used you can’t edit it - this is where duplicates come in handy

Duplicate a template

To duplicate a template click on 'Duplicate template' from the Actions list

Disable a template

To disable a template layout click 'Disable Layout' from the Actions list. Disabled templates are moved to the 'Disabled Templates' tab.

Enable a template

To enable a  disabled template, go to the 'Disabled Templates' tab and click 'Enable Layout' from the Actions list.

Language Data

'Export Language Data' and 'Import Language Data' are used to export/import language files for localization purposes.

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