'Phases' allows an admin to define the phases/stages of a project workflow

Add a phase


  1. Select the Phases tab
  2. Select ‘Add Phase’ (There must be at least one phase for a project)
  3. Complete ‘Title’ and ‘Description - the phase title is displayed to all end users
  4. Choose Color to represent phase - This color displays to all end users in the project list view. This color is seen when the view is changed to phase.
  5. The 'Is Default' toggle determines if this phase is the default phase that a project will start in.
  6. The 'Email Notify' toggle will determine if an email notification is prompted for when the phase is complete.
  7. The 'Link to Date' dropdown will specify if this phase is linked to a date defined in the project e.g. Start Date, End Date, etc.

Order a phase

Drag the phases up and down to re-order

Delete a phase

Click on the 'Delete' button to delete a phase

Dynamic naming of phases

Phases can be also defined dynamically during creation of a project or estimate.

To configure this, an element of type text is given a default name and then the option 'Task Milestone' is selected.

Note: If you don’t wish to manually add names the system will name them from 1,2,3…by default. If you wish to name them select the “Milestone Name” and provide a number/name as required.


If the form is part of a project request / Estimate request workflow that converts to a project, it will be necessary to update the mapping so the new form values for Milestone names are passed to the new project when the workflow completes.

However, if a user wants to pick and choose the number of phases required for a project, the configuration is different. The specified phase title field should be hidden or left blank and only the completed title fields will be taken into account when creating the project.

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