Adding New Users

New system users will have access to all areas of the system excluding admin sections.

Each section will display data specific to the user based on his/her access rights. i.e. the home section will display approvals/tasks specifically assigned to the user or the group to which the user has been assigned.

To add a new user to the system:


  1. Select the 'Users' tab
  2. Select ‘Add New User’
  3. Complete non-mandatory user details. 'Timesheet Ingest User' is used to switch a user between manual and ingest timesheet entry
  4. Complete mandatory user details. Note: FTE stands for Full-Time Equivalent; this is generally set to 9 to reflect a 40hr working week with lunch breaks of 1hr.
  5. Click 'Save' to complete
  6. Enter an initial password - this is required for the end user's first login; they will be asked at this stage to enter their own secure password.

Note : Tick 'Reminder Notifications' if you want the user to receive email reminders of tasks (as specified in the Notification Centre)

The system can be configured so that the username cannot be created by the administrator - it is auto-populated with the user's email address when the user details are saved. This prevents inconsistency when creating user names.

When configured, the User Name field will look like this:

The Admin Access tab is where the user's admin privileges are set:


In the Password Rules tab, the sys admin can set up a rule whereby the user is forced to reset their password after a specified number of days. This is configurable so may not be switched on for every system.

The Group Membership tab is a tab that appears in each user's profile. It serves two functions:

  • Allows you to quickly check what groups a user is in
  • Assign/remove that user to/from multiple groups at once

The 'Filter where user is member' option allows you to toggle between seeing all groups in the system vs. only groups the user is a member of. 'Filter where user is nested' allows you to see if a user is directly a member of a group or if they are just nested in a group.

Next to each group name is a count of the number of users in a given group.


The Profile or User Details tab contains more specific user info such as job title, rate, manager etc. This info is configured in a Profile form in the Form Builder.

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