Editing User Details

Edit a user

Users can edit their own profile information once it has been created by clicking on their user profile and selecting 'Edit Profile'.

A system admin can also edit an existing user.


  1. Select the 'Users' tab
  2. Filter for the user to edit. The user filter uses an 'Auto-Complete' function where the result set is refined for each character entered into the filter.
  3. Edit the user details - users can be deactivated, set as super admin and their password changed
  4. Click 'Save'

User Options

  1. Send Password Reset Email - This will send an email to the user allowing them to reset their password
  2. Add New User Role - Schedule a user role change (see Handling Role Changes for more info)
  3. Set New Temporary Password - This will change the user's password temporarily; they can reset on first login
  4. Status Log - A new status log will display the following user account history: Created Date, Deactivated Date and Reactivated Date Comments
  5. Convert to Guest User - Convert a full system user to a user with guest privileges only
  6. Deactivate User - Deactivated users can no longer access the portal but can be reactivated from the User Manager tool at a later date. Actions completed by deactivated users remain attributed to these users.
  7. Make User Pending - This will change the status of the user to 'Pending'. There is a 'Show Pending User(s)' switch under the user list to see which users are pending


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