Guest Users/Contractors

Adding a Guest User/Contractor

Guest users or contractors are users that may be from a different company but can be given access to certain areas of the system.

Note: This tab is configurable so may or may not be shown in the User Management depending on system requirements.

Guest users/contractors are added in the same way as a regular user:


  1. Select the 'Contractor' tab
  2. Select ‘Add New Contractor’
  3. Complete mandatory user details.
  4. Click 'Save' to complete
  5. Enter an initial password - this is required for the end user's first login; they will be asked at this stage to enter their own secure password.

Edit an existing Contractor/Guest User

To edit an existing guest user:

  1. Select the 'Contractor' tab
  2. Filter for the contractor to edit. The user filter uses an 'Auto-Complete' function where the result set is refined for each character entered into the filter.
  3. Edit the user details
  4. Click 'Save'

Guest User Options

  1. Resend Activation Link - Send the user an email with a link to activate their account
  2. Set New Temporary Password - This will change the user's password temporarily; they can reset on first login
  3. Status Log - A status log will display the following user account history: Created Date, Deactivated Date and Reactivated Date Comments
  4. Convert to Full User - Convert a user with guest privileges only to a full system user
  5. Deactivate User - Deactivate the contractor user account

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