Managing Groups


Groups can be used throughout the system for group assignment of access rights and to send group notifications.

To create a new group:


  1. Select the 'Groups' tab
  2. Select ‘Add Group’
  3. Complete the group name
  4. Complete the group tags - see note below
  5. Enter a description of the group
  6. Show Group in Permission Selection - when ticked, the user group is flagged as being 'for Permissions only' and will not appear in the permission assign windows
  7. Add users to the group
  8. Click 'Save' to complete

Note: The group tagging feature is used in conjunction with the Group element in the form builder.
Multiple tags can be added via comma separation. Tag names now appear next to the group name in the list of groups and can also be filtered on

The group dropdown will only display groups tagged with ‘Platform’

To edit an existing group:

1. Select the 'Groups' tab
2. Select the group you wish to edit - these can be filtered using the text box.
3. Remove users/groups from or add users/groups to the group OR edit group info.
4. Click 'Save' to complete

Notes: A group can be removed using the ‘Delete Group’ button. A group can be added to other groups. Permissions cascade through the groups meaning by adding a user to one group they can automatically inherit multiple roles and permissions.

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