Creating Workflows

The workflow builder is an extremely flexible system tool that allows admin users to define the path available for asset workflows.

Workflow list

Create a new workflow

1. Select ‘Create New’ from the bottom right of the screen

2. Add Steps to the workflow

3 Set key Dates for the workflow
4. Add Actions between these steps
5. Set Triggers for these steps
6. Assign Permission to the steps

7. Update theWorkflow Settings

Workflow versions

Workflow versioning allows the user to view and re-publish old versions of workflows, allowing them to roll back changes and debug issues.

Workflow layers

It is now possible to group workflow steps and/or actions into layers so that you can then view relevant layers when working or viewing the workflow.

  • Each layer can be toggled ON/OFF independently.
  • All items not assigned to a layer will appear in the “default layer”

For example: Show only the critical path OR show only admin steps.

Layers can be selected from the saved versions:

In this view, revision steps are hidden:

A step can be moved into the appropriate layer by clicking on it and selecting from the 'Layer' dropdown options: