Form Example


  1. Select ‘Create New’

  1. Complete Workflow name ‘Form Example’
  2. Complete Workflow description ‘Form Example’
  3. Drag the and drop the green dot from ‘Start’ to ‘End’

  1. Complete Label ‘Form’
  2. Choose Type ‘Form’
  3. Choose form ‘User Profile’ from Form dropdown list
  4. Choose an Icon and color
  5. Save
  6. Click 'Save & Publish' to publish the workflow


  1. Select a Project

  1. Select the Tasks module
  2. Select Create New, New Workflow
  3. Select ‘Form Example’

  1. Add Admin the ‘Start’ step
  2. Click 'Save'

  1. Select ‘Form Example’, note the action ‘Complete Form’
  2. Select ‘Complete Form’

  1. Complete the form generated
  2. Click 'Submit'

  1. Select ‘Form Example’
  2. Note the timeline sees the form submitted; clicking 'User Profile' will show the details entered