Add/Remove Permissions


1. Double-click on a step

2. Click on the 'Permissions' tab

3. Match permissions to a step: this allows the user to match the permissions on this step to the permissions to another step - selectable from the dropdown list

4. Lock Permissions: Locking permissions will prevent the workflow initiator from changing the permissions for this step. If not checked then the assigned users are only the default users and can be changed during workflow initiation.

5. User Selection Mandatory on Workflow Creation: When this is checked, the user must assign users when they are creating the workflow. This is to prevent the possibility of a step having no users assigned.

6. Set the permissions for the Workflow when at this step (Note :this does not affect who is assigned to an action):

  • Inherit - Users that have access to the project that the workflow is in or the folder where the file resides (for doc workflows) will also have access to this workflow.
  • Step - When the workflow enters this step, only users assigned to this step will have access
  • Workflow - the submitter and users assigned to any step in the workflow will have access

7. Prompt User to select users for this step: When this is checked, the user will be prompted to assign the users/groups to a step when they perform an action that will move the workflow to this step.

8. Select the user or group from the general list

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