A step is a stage in the workflow which can be assigned to users to action. Performing an action moves the workflow on to other steps until the workflow is completed.

Add a step

To add a step, drag and drop from the shapes available.

Edit a step

1. Double click on a step to begin editing


2. Complete the step information

  • Label - the displayed step label i.e. start, end, pending action etc.
  • Step icon, colour and status colour - these are displayed to the end user during the workflow as well as in the project activity timeline.
  • Description – a general description of the step can be added here
  • Notes - Each step has a Notes field which you can use to add information for other workflow builder users to explain what is happening at that step
  • Shape - Choose a shape from the dropdown menu
  • Status Text - The current status of the workflow at this step
  • Layer - which layer the action should be in
  • Disable discussion input
  • Display groups

3. Minimize the step details to finish.

Delete a step

1. Double-click on a step
2. Select ‘Delete This Step’


Note: When you delete a step it's actions go too.

Copy a step

1. Double-click on a step
2. Select ‘Copy This Step’


All actions (including mapped routes), Permission settings and Triggers may also be copied

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