Upload Example

In this upload example we set a workflow with an upload action between the start and end step.


1. Select ‘Create New’ from the bottom right corner

  1. Complete Workflow name ‘Upload Example’
  2. Complete Workflow description ‘Upload Example’
  3. Drag the and drop the dot from ‘Start’ to ‘End’

  1. Complete Label ‘Upload’
  2. Choose Type ‘Upload’
  3. Choose an Icon
  4. Save


To use the workflow we will create a new workflow within a project.

  1. Select a project

  1. Select the Tasks module
  2. Select Create New, New Workflow
  3. Select ‘Upload Example’

  1. Add Admin the ‘Start’ step
  2. Save

  1. Select the ‘Upload Example’ workflow, note the action upload
  2. Select Upload action (You will be asked to select a file to upload)

  1. Add a comment
  2. Upload

  1. Select the ‘Upload Example’ workflow again, note the file is uploaded is noted in the timeline.

This workflow is now complete.

In the files module of the project you will see the file uploaded.