Boards Overview

The Boards feature is an interactive and collaborative space to work on and share ideas. It allows users to collaborate using sticky notes on a digital whiteboard.

Here are a couple of example boards that show how the tool can be used:

Example 1: Collaborating on assets - with branded backgound and related assets using stickies to help collaborate

Example 2: Mapping a process - using background image to represent the process and overlaying images and sticky notes to track the progress

A great feature of Boards is that it is a truly interactive, collaborative environment. When you make a change to the board, it simultaneously updates the board for all users.

To open/create a board, click on the Boards section of the site. This will show a list of existing boards as shown below:

1. List of boards the user has access to

2. Create a new board

3. Filter for a particular board

4. Filter the list using the dropdown menu

5. Share your board with other users

6. Files associated with the board

7. Invite other users to view/collaborate on your board

8. Update the board name and permissions