Boards Toolbar

Users will be able to access the collaboration controls from the tools panel on the right hand side of the screen. The Toolbar consists of 6 items:

1. Add Items

The 'Add Items' menu allows the user to add notes, images, files, text etc to the board.

Each icon opens a new window with multiple options for adding info to the board:

1. Add a sticky note with custom text to the board - The sticky note can be moved, locked or deleted.The username and date created are automatically added to the sticky note.

2. Add shape - Add a circle, square, squiggle or colour wheel. Click 'Save' to save changes or 'Cancel' to abandon changes. The shape can be rotated or deleted.

3. Add image - Drag an image saved on your desktop to the board. The sticky note can be moved, opened, downloaded, locked or deleted.

4. Add symbol - Add one of the images to the board.The shape can be rotated or deleted.

5. Add file/link - Upload a file from the desktop, import an existing file, add a link/url or add a YouTube video

6. Add text - Add text to the board. The text box can be moved, deleted or locked.

7. Add survey - A list of available surveys will appear. Once selected, various email notification options can be chosen

2. Tools

The Tools menu allows user to manipulate the screen - you can align items, change the background, create snapshots of the board etc.

  • Align items - this moves all assets and stickies on the board so that they are aligned as a grid.
  • Fit to Screen - this updates the visible area of the board to ensure all content is visible on the screen
  • Link Items - This turns on feature to allow you to draw lines between two items on the board. When you move the items, the line will update accordingly.
  • Change Background - allows you to upload a different background for the board. Note: for best results, the image should not be low resolution
  • Snapshots - A snapshot shows the state of the board at a particular point in time. You can create snapshots by clicking on 'Create snapshot' or open a previous snapshot in the 'List Snaphots' section

3. Files

The Files menu allows users to drag files from the desktop and add them to the board:

4. Users

The Users button displays the list of users currently viewing the board.

Users can access the board simultaneously and collaborate in real-time or they can access independently at a time of their choosing. The creator can decide to lock and unlock access to the board and can update access and permissions at any time.


The highlighted presenter icon shows which user currently has presenter control.

5. Nested Boards

The Nested Boards feature allows a user to create another board instance within an existing board.

6. Layers

Layers allow different views to be shown on the board.

1. Click 'Add Layer' to add a new layer

2. Click and grab the dots next to the layer to re-order the layers.

3. Lock the layer so it can't be updated.

4. Click the view icon to display or hide the layer.

5. Delete the layer.