Dashboard Tour

Your dashboard is split in to two sections. At the top is your navigation and search functions.

  1. Navigation Bar Links you directly to your required area within Screendragon.
  2. Search Here you can search for any project, file, folder, task, user etc.
  3. Profile Edit your own profile or log out of the system
  4. My Mentions Shows all comments that mention you
  5. Help Link to online support
  6. Admin Tools Access all the administration tools here. If this is not showing on your screen it means you don't have the relevant permission level. Contact your system administrator for more information.

Below that is information relevant to your own profile. All projects that you have created or you been given access to will show here.

  • My Planned Time A snapshot of how your time has been allocated - see below for more info

  • My Tasks Tasks that are outstanding that you are responsible for.
  • My Actions Actions that are awaiting your attention

  • Recently Added Items recently added to projects, files or tasks that you have access to.
  • Recently Visited Your most recent items viewed in the system.
  • My Reports Reports that you have visibility on. For more information see Reports Overview
  • My Sent Tasks Tasks that you created can be shown and...
  • My Sent Actions Workflows that you have created can also be shown.

SD Personal Calendar (My Planned Time)

The purpose of the Personal calendar is to provide detailed info of tasks and bookings assigned to the logged in user. The user should be able to see clearly which items are assigned to them and when they should be working on them. They should be able to filter the info as necessary.

  • Project colour – this is displayed on the calendar to clearly see which tasks/bookings are belong to which projects. This project colour is configured on creation. (see Creating a Project for more info)
  • Project & Tasks/Bookings filter - a dynamic filter allows the user to filter projects/events and tasks bookings based on the current displayed timeframe i.e. only show projects assigned to that user in the specific timeframe​
  • Booking/Tasks filter – user can show just bookings or just tasks or both.