Dashboard Tour

When a user logs into the Screendragon platform, they are redirected to their homepage or "dashboard". The dashboard is split into two sections. At the top is your navigation and search functions:


      1. Navigation Bar Links you directly to your required area within Screendragon, e.g. Projects, Resource Planner, Reports, etc .
      2. Search Here you can search for any project, file, folder, task, user etc.
      3. Profile Edit your own profile or log out of the system
      4. My Mentions Shows all comments that mention you
      5. Help Link to online support
      6. Admin Tools Access all the administration tools here. If this cog icon is not showing on your screen it means you don't have the relevant permission level. Contact your system administrator for more information.

    Below that is information relevant to your own profile. The information shown here is set up by the system administrator in the Dashboard Manager admin tool.
    7 . Homepage dropdown Switch between different dashboards available to you. Occasionally, a user will have more than one dashboard available to them and this dropdown allows them to choose which one they want to look at.
    8.  Show/Hide widgets Users can personalise their dashboards by muting certain widgets that are not relevant to them.
    Administrators can mark a widget as being mandatory or optional. If a widget is marked as optional, it will have a pin icon in the top right hand corner. The user can hide it from the dashboard by clicking on the pin in the top right hand corner of a widget. The 'Show All' button temporarily displays hidden widgets. The 'Hide Unpinned' button hides widgets that are not pinned to the dashboard.
    9. Widgets. There is a large range of information that can be set up including

    • Assets Displays files, articles and folders from any location in the system. Multiple formats and content role rules can be applied. Content is organised chronologically
    • Assigned Tasks Tasks that are outstanding that you are responsible for.
    • Carousel The carousel can contain an image, title, subtitle and link on each slide. At least one slide is required.
    • Clock Shows UTC offset by a predetermined amount which can be accompanied by a piece of text
    • Exports List of recent items exported by the user
    • Forms Displays forms on workflows
    • Link Simple link to an item inside or outside the system
    • Resource Provide detailed info of tasks and bookings assigned to the logged in user. The user should be able to see clearly which items are assigned to them and when they should be working on them.
    • Project List of links to a users projects (can display up to 20 links)
    • KPI reporting visual widgets - see Dashboard KPI Widget for more info
    • Reports List of reports that the user has access to
    • My Reports My Reports are reports and exports that the user has favorited/starred from the lists in the Reports section.

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