List of items relating to Files


  • Workbox List
    List of workboxes that you have access to.

  • Create a Workbox
    The Files section allows system users to create workboxes external to projects where they can create folder structures, upload files and restrict access through workbox and folder specific access rights.

  • Upload a File
    The menu allows workbox creators (or those with appropriate access rights) to manage the workbox with the following options

  • Create a Folder
    How to create a folder within a Workbox

  • Add a Link
    Links to external web pages or internal network URLs can be added to a workbox. New browser tabs open to these URLs when selected

  • Create Article
    Add copy and images to an article as required.

  • File Actions
    A summary of File Actions

  • Annotate Files
    Describes how to add annotations to imagery, view older versions of the image and associated files.

  • File Versioning
    How to check files out and back in and also view previous versions of a file.

  • File Sharing
    A quick guide of how to share folders