Annotate Files

From your workbox select 'Open' on the dropdown menu, or click on the name of the file.

From here you will open the file in full screen with a number of tools open to you.

1. Download the file by clicking here.

2. & 4. Add Note to add notes to an image for your colleagues to see. From here you can select the shape your onscreen annotation will take, circle, square or scribble. You can also make your annotation appear in any one of a spectrum of colors. This ensures the annotations doesn't blend with the imagery behind it. In the text box write in your comments and hit 'Save'


Once you have saved your comments they will be saved on screen and other colleagues will be able to respond to them. These comments will all be visible in the 'info' tab.

3. Info shows the details and history of a file. The details tab lists any information added on upload or when edited, whilst the history tab shows a timetime of when the file was previewed, downloaded, or "jumped to" by clicking a direct link.

5. Discussions is another way of using notes, and also a means of adding general comments.

6. Attached Files allows you to associate other content with your file. To do this, click 'Associate Files' followed by 'Add Files' (1). This will prompt you to search for the file you are looking for (2) and (3). Simply click on the file you want using the plus icon (4).

7. Versions is an audit trail of your image. You can see previous version of your image and track all changes made over time.

8. Edit View tools allow you to rotate the image, zoom in and out and fit the image to screen.