Create Article

Articles are similar to blogs in that the user can add copy and images to an article and format it as required.

To create an article, go to the menu and select 'Create Article'.


Complete the following required fields:

  1. Select an article template from the dropdown list. Article templates may be configured in the Content Templates admin tool.
  2. Enter a title for the article
  3. Enter a description
  4. Enter the content and click 'Next' to proceed


On this screen, you can add a thumbnail for your article, as well as related files and attachments:

  1. Browse for a thumbnail for the article
  2. Search for related content and click on an item to add
  3. Upload additional files such as zip folders to attach to your article
  4. Click 'Next' to proceed

On this final article creation screen you can:

  1. Select whether or not to send an email notification to users letting them know about your article
  2. Attach meta data information to the article
  3. Click 'Back' to go to previous screens, or 'Save' to complete you article.


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