File Actions

Once a file has been uploaded there are a number of actions that can be performed:


• Open: Allows you to annotate the image and view older versions as well as associated files. See Annotate Files for more.
• Download: Download a file to your computer's hard drive
• Edit: You can change the description and publish and expiry date. Whether the file is available for download or not and what Meta-data is attached to it are also configurable here.
• Cut: Allows you to cut and paste the file
• Copy: You can copy the file for pasting elsewhere.
• Delete: Delete the file
• File Share: This provides a direct link URL to an asset that can be sent to users with system access. The user can select email to launch their default email application with the link contained in a draft email. Clicking on the link will launch the system and direct the user to the associated asset.
• Check out: The Check Out function downloads the file to the user's machine, locking the files state and allowing the user to update the file on their desktop.
• Check in: The Check in and Cancel check out buttons become available after check out. On check out the user is prompted to download. The file can then be checked back in allowing the user to upload an updated version of the file to be displayed in the system.
Asset version control, provides user with option to check in a file as either Minor or Major
Minor Check in = from Version 1.1 to Version 1.2
Major Check in = from Version 1.1 to Version 2.0
On opening a file you will be able to view previous versions by selecting the File History tab.


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