File Sharing

To share a folder, select the dropdown menu on the folder and then 'External Share'

The Share Folder screen has a number of fields to be completed.

Title This is an optional field. You can give your Folder a descriptive name.

Start / End Date What date do you want the share to start and end on?

Enable Downloads Do you want the recipients of your folder to be able to download its contents?

Show Sub Folders Do you want sub-folders within the folder to be visible? .

Once you have completed this field the Share Link page will appear. It ill include the expiry date and the options you chose for downloads and sub-folders. The external URL link will also be there. You can also copy and paste the link from here directly to an email body.

To Cancel a Share Follow the steps in the first image, click the drop down menu and 'External Share'. The screen above will show. Simply click 'Stop Share' and the link will no longer be active.