File Versioning

To check out a file click on the dropdown menu and 'Check Out'

The 'Check Out' option will not be available if the 'Block Download' option was set to 'Yes' when the file was being uploaded (Upload a File).


The file will now be downloaded to your device. The file will show with a padlock on the screen with a version number. You now have three options available to you.

Check In (Minor Version) and Check In (Major Version) If you want to check back in a file after making changes to it. This will open a file upload window where you insert the new image. Once you have uploaded a file it will show what version it is in your Workbox window.

Cancel Check Out This simply reverses the check out, and returns the file exactly as it was checked out.

Asset version control provides the user with the option to check in a file as either Minor or Major:
Minor Check In - from Version 1.1 to Version 1.2
Major Check In - from Version 1.1 to Version 2.0

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