Upload a File

To upload a file to a workbox, open the workbox and click on Menu > Upload File



Optional information can be added to the file:
1. Description – A brief description of the file

2. File Thumbnail - Upload an optional thumbnail for a PDF or ZIP file so it can be found easily in the file list *

3. Publish Date – Determine when the file will be displayed from

4. Expiry Date – Determine the expiry date of the file

5. Meta Form – Users can select a Meta Data form to attach to their file. These are used for searching and reporting purposes.

6. Block Download – Allow the file to be downloaded or not (admin users will be able to update this)

7. Email Notification – Inform a user of the file upload

If you have selected a meta form, click 'Next' to fill in the details. If not, click 'Upload File(s)'

*A pdf without a thumbnail added will show the first page of the pdf as the icon; otherwise the uploaded thumbnail will be displayed:


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