Workbox List

On your Files page you see the list of all Workboxes that you have access to. This will include Workboxes that you have created as well as Workboxes created by others who have given you access to them.


1. Filter List You can search through the list to find a specific Workbox

2. Showing Choose between Active and Deleted/Purged files. Rules around deleting and purging files are set when a workbox is created. See Create a Workbox for more info.

3. Favorites Filter This button will filter the list to just show Workboxes you have favorited.

4. Information Shows information such as the Workbox name, Workbox Owner, Date Created, Description of the Workbox and No. of Folders & Files in the Workbox. It also has the direct URL link to the Workbox

5. Favorite This adds/removes Workboxes from your Favorites list.

6. Edit Workbox From this tab you can edit the Workbox title and description. You can also edit who has access to the Workbox and the permission rights they hold.

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