Assigning users to a workflow step

Users may be assigned access (or have their access removed) via the 'Edit Workflow' interface:


1. Select the tab for each step of the workflow that you wish to assign users for
2. Select the users/groups you wish to add (De-select to remove access)
4. Click 'Save' to assign the step or
5. Click 'Cancel' to cancel the action

Alternatively, when you action a step you may be asked to assign users to the next step:
1. Enter a comment - this is optional
2. Check the box next to the user/group you wish to add
3. Click 'Save' to assign the step or
4. Click 'Cancel' to cancel the action.

Email notification
If the workflow is configured to send an email notification to be sent on assigning a step, you will be asked to complete the notification details:


1. Search for the user/group you wish to be notified by email
2. & 3. Add the users to be emailed and copied on the email
4. Enter the subject of the email notification
5. Enter the body text of the email.
6. Click 'Send' to send the email or
7. Click 'Cancel' to cancel the email notification.#

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