Initiating a workflow

From the Homepage, open the Form workflow section by clicking on the relevant button in the header:

This will bring you the Workflows page. Every user has a dashboard to keep them informed on workflows they are involved in. The layout of this dashboard is shown below.

The list can be filtered to display various views using the 'Change Layout' button. Each view can have different columns configured and different forms returned.

An 'Export to Excel' button allows the user to export the form list to an Excel spreadsheet.

1. To begin a new workflow, click on the 'Create New' button on the bottom right of the page and select the workflow/form type from the list:
2. Fill in the fields of the form. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk but do not need to be filled in if saving as a draft.

3. To save the form, you can:
• Click 'Save as Draft' to save the form as a draft which can be completed at a later date
• Click 'Submit' to submit the form on a form's default workflow - this is only available if only one workflow is configured for this form
• Select the workflow name from the dropdown of available workflows to send the form on this workflow process
4. Click 'Cancel' to discard the submission.

Once a form is sent on a workflow, it moves to the first step of the process where it can be assigned to a particular users where they can then action the workflow to move it on to the next step. The rules around who is assigned to a particular step, the actions available and the steps in the process are all configured by an admin in the workflow builder which is outside the scope of this document.