Viewing a Workflow

To open a form/workflow click on the 'Open Form icon':

This will open up the form displaying the form contents on the left and depending on the configuration, showing the following tabs on the right:

• Status
• Discussion
• History

Status Tab
1. Click on the 'Status' tab.
2. This is the activity timeline and shows all actions and comments.
3. Any user who still has to action the current step is listed here.

Discussion tab
The Discussion tab displays collaborative commenting by workflow participants.

1. Click on the 'Discussion' tab.
2. Comment boxes show comments made by users.
3. Add a new comment
4. Click on the 'Reply and Notify' if you would like to send an email notification of this post. You can choose to notify selected recipients or all assigned users.
5. Click 'Reply' to add a comment without sending a notification to other users.

Note: The number displayed in the tab shows how many comments have been added to the discussion

History Tab
The History tab displays an overview of all updates to the product form and reason for update comments.

1. Click on the 'History' tab.
2. The updates to the form are shown as are the reason for the change.
3 & 4. If you click on the user name, the change made is highlighted in the Workflow Info section.

Saved Filters

Set column filters on a view as normal and once applied the list of results are filtered:

Once the filter is applied, the user will see an option to save that filter. A ‘Save Filter’ button appears where the user can set the name of the filter:

Enter the name of the filter and click ‘+’:

A user’s saved filters are available in a dropdown list at the top of the form list. They are stored in the context of which view they were created in as the criteria being applied in that view will also be applied to the filtered view:

While a filter is applied a user can delete it or add some new criteria to it and save it as a new filter.

Quick Load View

This is a view that can be enabled in the form view config so that a "mini dashboard" loads first in a form list section. It loads much faster than a standard view as it is customized to just the user’s preferences.

The view options are:

  • Recent views\filters they opened
  • Recent forms they viewed\actioned
  • Create form dialog if applicable
  • “Followed" forms