Adding Files

To add files to the Library you will first need to have a permissions access level of 'Admin' or 'Edit'. To add content to the Library folder, click on the 'Manage' icon on the top RHS (highlighted in the picture below)

This will open a Workbox. To upload a file, you have two options:


You can select ' Folder Manager' above, and either (1) 'Upload File' to select a file from a specific location, or (2) simply drag and drop a file on to the bar highlighted above.

Once you have done this your 'File Upload' screen will pop up.



  • Description File description
  • Publish Date The date on which the file you have uploaded is published and visible to others
  • Expiry Date The date on which the file expires and will no longer be visible to others
  • Block Download Prevents specified users from being able to download your file
  • Email Notification If you want to notify others of your file being uploaded (see below)
  • Meta Form This allows your file to be easily found by attaching 'Meta Data' to it. See Form Builder for more

If you choose to notify others of your file upload, simply select who you want to send it to and click send. The email body will have a direct link to your image. Other users can then annotate your image and send it back. See File Actions for more.


To add a link to the Library simply, From 'Manage', click 'Menu' and 'Add Link', (1) below.


In the 'Create Link' box add the label for your link and the URL of the site.


Click 'Save'. Your link will now appear in the Library.

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