Library File Actions

Once you have added content to the Library, you can perform various actions to files by clicking the 'Menu' button on the RHS. Here is a quick guide to them:


  • Open Allows you to annotate the image and view older versions as well as associate files. See Annotate Files for more
  • Download Download the file to your device
  • Edit You can change the description and the publish and expiry dates. Whether the file is available for download or not and what 'Meta Data' is attached to it are also configurable here.
  • Cut Take the file from its current location to paste elsewhere
  • Copy You can copy the file for pasting elsewhere
  • Paste This only appears once you have selected the above options, and lets you put a file in a different location from where you cut or copied it.
  • Delete Delete the file
  • File Share Gives you the URL to directly access the file to send in an email
  • Check Out See File Versioning
  • Start Workflow You can send a file on a specific Workflow e.g. for review. See more about this in Workflow Builder.

Example: Updating the publish date and expiry date of a file in the library:

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