Managing Library Structure

The Library can be organized by anyone with 'Edit' or 'Admin' access.

To begin, select the 'Manage' icon in the Library. The folders and files here mirror the menu on the left hand side. By adding folders here you will be updating the Library content.

In the example shown above, I will create a third folder called 'July Presentation' within the main Library folder.

To begin, select the 'Menu' tab followed by 'Create Folder'

This opens the 'Create Folder' window. From here you can name your folder, give it a description and set permission levels for users. Permissions levels are set using the arrows. Move users from left to right into the appropriate permission level.

Note: To ensure data added to the file storage area is not left there for long periods of time, rules can be set at a folder level governing automatic deletion of files/folders after a specified period.

Once you save your folder it will appear in the 'Manage' section and on refresh, it will also appear in the Library navigation.

Folders and Files can be added to any part of the Library Structure