The 'People' or 'Team' page is a directory which contains profiles for every member of the team.


1. Use the filter to search for a particular user.

2. Meta-filters allow you to search using specified filters - examples would be by role, location, brand etc.

3. Click on a user to see their full user profile.

4. Display the profiles as a list or in thumbnail view.

Example: Filter the list of people for users with HR expertise:

User profile

The User Profile contains useful information relating to each user such as email, days worked, notification preferences etc.



Note: A user's notification preferences determine whether or not they will receive notifications on tasks (as set up in the Notification Centre) and also when another user refers to them in an @Mention


Editing your profile

There are two options to edit your profile:

1. Open your own profile and click on the 'Edit Profile' button:



2. Click on the dropdown menu on your profile icon on the main dashboard and select 'View Profile' and then 'Edit Profile'.



Note: System Administrators have permissions to edit all user profiles.


An editable version of your user profile will open. Make updates as necessary and click 'Save':