The 'People' page is a directory which contains profiles for every member of the team.

1. Use the filter to search for a particular user.

2. Meta-filters allow you to search using specified filters - examples would be by role, location, brand etc.

3. Click on a user to see their full user profile.

4. Display the profiles as a list or in thumbnail view.

User profile

The User Profile contains useful information relating to each user such as email, days worked, notification preferences etc.

Note: A user's notification preferences determine whether or not they will receive notifications on tasks (as set up in the Notification Centre) and also when another user refers to them in an @Mention

Editing your profile

There are two options to edit your profile:

1. Open your own profile and click on the 'Edit Profile' button:


2. Click on the dropdown menu on your profile icon on the main dashboard and select 'View Profile' and then 'Edit Profile'.

Note: System Administrators have permissions to edit all user profiles.

An editable version of your user profile will open. Make updates as necessary and click 'Save':

Role Variations:

Occasionally, it is necessary to use multiple $ rates for a single role on a single project. These different rates are based on other Meta information other than the role name i.e. Location, Experience, Department (Location is the most common)

This feature allows Administrators to create ‘Roles Variations’ of any role in the global list. The Role Variations are differentiated from each other by ‘Role Meta Data’. For Example, there is one ‘Designer’ role but using a ‘Location’ Role Meta field there are actually two Designer role variations active in the system:

  • Designer>London
  • Designer> New York